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Nottinghill Equestrian Estate Situated outside White River, Mpumalanga offering the best and biggest stabling/livery yard, riding school, horse riding lessons, horse training/schooling, tack shop and hosting horse shows, events and competitions
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Nottinghill Equestrian Estate is based just outside of White River, in Mpumalanga and near to Nelspruit. Offering a large Stable yard for Horse livery purposes as well as qualified horse riding instructors for the riding school & training for horse events, shows and competitions. Also access to a Tack shop called Kraai's Nest Tack Shop on the premises. Outrides, training of horses as well as leasing and half leasing of horses.



Welcome to the Nottinghill Equestrian Estate website, with which we take greatest pleasure of introducing you to the Lowveld’s premier Equestrian Centre. From the web-pages, you will be attracted to, and favourably impressed by the plentiful extraordinary and exciting collection of features, activities, events and services : which clarifies why Nottinghill has become regarded as the Horse-Mecca of Mpumalanga.

Nottinghill Equestrian Estate lies amidst an 11-hectare, rustic, countryside setting – a location of peaceful rural beauty for which the Lowveld is so fondly renowned. The large homestead is the principal heart of all Nottinghill pursuits and happenings, surrounded by the plentiful stables, paddocks and arena’s – a true horse’s paradise !

Nottinghill, just a few kilometres outside of White River (Mpumalanga), is typically a hive of activity, where horses and people interact and mingle in harmony. We consistently strive towards a therapeutic, relaxed environment, yet simultaneously to promote and uphold high standards and professionalism. We boast a competent team of qualified horse instructors and staff, who operate and perform within strict guidelines of conduct and procedure. We are dedicated towards compliance of advanced facilitated equestrian therapy fields, as well as the interests of an entire spectrum and infrastructure of total quality Equestrian management, by ensuring topmost calibre of care and respect for each client, and every horse ; and by maintaining the highest levels of safety, ethics and integrity.

Nottinghill is owned and managed by Ms. Kraai Kamffer – who is distinguished by her lifetime of commitment towards horses, and all things horsey. Kraai is the driving force and the human-dynamo behind the success, growth and phenomenal achievements at Nottinghill Equestrian Estate – whose passion and dedication is beyond comparison. Her love and knowledge of horses, her personal skills as a rider and show-jumper, and her proficiency, energy and enthusiasm are the qualities that result in Kraai being a widely respected and predominant figurehead in the local and national world of Equestria. So – we trust you will enjoy browsing the following pages, and we are confident you will discover many items of interest to you. But remember : we are just a phone call away, should you need to chat or enquire about anything else.


Dedicated has been established for over a couple of years not only as a competition centre or stable yard but also as an approved Riding School with FEI–qualified and SANEF-qualified instructors as well as with on-site facilities including boarding stables with training facilities and a tack shop.



Nottinghill Equestrian Estate, has only the best qualified and experienced horse riding instructors and staff and the best quality horse facilities and stable yard for their clients and horses, based in White River, Mpumalanga in close proximity to Nelspruit.

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